Labor & Employment

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Labor & Employment

Azoy Socorro Law, LLP defends employers in virtually every major industry throughout the United States in all types of employment litigation, including class and collective actions, under federal, state, and local employment laws including the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Firm also represents employers in connection with employment law compliance, labor relations, ADA public access, workplace safety, global workforce issues, immigration, and non-compete and trade secret issues.

Our approach is to handle claims in an aggressive, yet efficient and cost-conscious fashion. Our cases are staffed leanly, and we work with clients to resolve cases quickly through dispositive motions or alternative dispute resolution methods. 

At Azoy Socorro Law, LLP, we practice in the following areas of Labor & Employment:

  • Defend employers in all types of employment litigation, including class-action discrimination cases and collective action wage and hour litigation
  • Represent employers in administrative charges, including devising and supervising settlements with the U.S. Department of Labor, and to assist with obviating the need for large-scale litigation
  • Experience with litigating claims at all levels, including claims and litigation brought before federal and state agencies, boards, and trial and appellate courts
  • Litigation of Age, Race, Sex (including Sexual Harassment), Sexual Orientation, National Origin, Disability, Veterans’ Rights, and Religious Discrimination Cases, and Other Protected Categories, as well as Whistleblower and Retaliation Claims
  • Defense of Employment Tort Claims such as Claims of Negligent Hiring and Retention, Negligent Supervision, Defamation, Wrongful Discharge, Intentional or Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Assault and Battery, Invasion of Privacy, and Similar Causes of Action
  • Prosecution and Defense of Claims Regarding Non-Compete, Con-Solicitation, Confidentiality, and Other Employment Agreements, and Employer Trade Secrets
  • Representation Regarding Labor Relation Matters, from Initial Counseling to NLRB Hearings to Appellate Court Practice, Striving to Assist Employers in Avoiding Disruption in the Workplace

Employment Discrimination, Harassment and Discrimination

Azoy Socorro Law, LLP has extensive experience assisting employers throughout the U.S. with the complexities of today’s diverse workforce, including employee complaints of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, and other protected status under federal, state, and local laws.

The Firm represents its Clients in the following areas:

  • Represent employers throughout the U.S. in the defense of charges of discrimination brought before the EEOC, DOL, and equivalent state and local agencies
  • Defend claims brought under Title VII, the ADA, the ADEA, the FMLA, the EPA, and other similar federal, state, and local laws
  • Dispose of charges at the administrative level and representation in state and federal trial and appellate courts and arbitration proceedings
  • Advise and counsel employers in developing strategies to assist in preventing discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace
  • Draft and review employment policies
  • Provide sensitivity, diversity, harassment, and similar types of training
  • Conduct investigations of employee complaints and audits of a company’s employment practices to ensure compliance with the law

Labor & Employment Consultation Services

Azoy Socorro Law, LLP offers employers of all sizes, and across various industries, experience in consultation services involving labor and employment matters. Such matters include drafting employee handbooks, policies, procedures, and corresponding personnel forms. Well-drafted employee handbooks and policies often serve as an employer’s first line of defense to employee complaints, questions, and concerns at all levels. 

Specifically, Azoy Socorro Law, LLP provides the following services:

  • Create new, and review and revise existing, employee handbooks, personnel policies, and employment forms to address issues in the workplace
  • Experience in working closely with clients to understand the nature and inner-workings of their businesses in order to draft documents that are individually tailored to the business needs of each client
  • Counseling clients and litigating claims relating to the hiring, discipline, and discharge of employees
  • Provide training to human resources professionals, in-house counsel, supervisors, and employees on labor, employment, immigration, and safety law and policies
  • Provide training to human resources professionals, in-house counsel, supervisors, and employees on labor, employment, immigration, and safety law and policies
  • Advise employers on day-to-day compliance with labor, employment, immigration, and safety laws and regulations
  • Counsel clients with compliance with the Department of Homeland Security, Employer Verification procedures, I-9 compliance & audits

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