Unpaid Wages / Overtime

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Unpaid Wages / Overtime

Wage and hour lawsuits have risen drastically in recent years. The cost of defending such lawsuits has also greatly increased because many wage and hour lawsuits at both the state and federal level involve class, collective, or multi-plaintiff actions.

Azoy Socorro Law’s Labor & Employment practice is recognized as a leader, handling the complexities and multi-faceted nature of large scale wage and hour lawsuits. Our experience in all aspects of wage and hour laws enables us to assist employers in any industry with implementing strategies designed to comply with the law, help to prevent the onset of litigation, and defend disputes that may arise.

Azoy Socorro Law, LLP provides the following services:

  • Conduct audits of employers’ payroll plans and records to ensure that employees are properly paid and classified as exempt or non-exempt, and that records are kept in accordance with applicable law
  • Draft, review, and revise employers’ pay policies and practices to assist with compliance with the FLSA and related state laws
  • Provide day-to-day guidance to employers on proper pay practices
  • Train human resources professionals and supervisors on complying with proper pay practices and policies, including preventing off-the-clock work, time-clock abuse or misuse, and improper classification of employees as exempt or independent contractors
  • Defend against wage and hour lawsuits brought before federal and state agencies and courts across the U.S. in connection with issues such as:
    • Off-the-clock work
    • “Donning” and “doffing” activities
    • Misclassification of employees as exempt from the FLSA or state law requirements of overtime pay or as an independent contractor
    • Commission and bonus programs
    • Tip pooling
    • Proper payment of salaries to exempt employees
  • Recommend changes on pay plans to reduce the amount of overtime that must be paid
  • Help employers navigate compliance under the White Collar, Retail and Service Establishment, Motor Carrier Act, and Railway Labor Act exemptions